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Drywall  /  February 26, 2018

Common Drywall Problems and How to Fix Them

Drywall is a versatile material, but it’s also sensitive. For many homeowners, the appearance of scuffs and holes are a common occurrence, and there are many reasons they manifest. In this post, Handyman Connection of Lincoln discusses common drywall problems and how to fix them.

Popping Nails

Nails that aren’t secure and pop out from the centre of the joist or stud will manifest as the typical scuff or hole in your drywall. It’s tempting to simply hammer the nail back in, but this might cause further damage to the wall. For proper, long-term approach, we recommend removing the nail and repositioning the stud on the wall. You can do this by nailing the stud in a slightly different position to “adjust” it.

Furniture Scratches

In some cases, scuff marks are come from the furniture surrounding the drywall. The damage to the wall is usually minor and will usually appear like a pencil or marker stain. Avoiding this is simple: you simply need to be careful when moving your furniture around. Additionally, avoid placing large furniture too close to the wall, especially if it’s frequently used.

Water Damage

Cracks on the drywall are often the result of water damage. More often than not, this is due to a roof or plumbing leak. You can tell if this is the case if the area around the crack feels flimsy and spongy. To prevent further drywall damage, find the source of the leak in your home and address it immediately.

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