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Drywall  /  July 19, 2017

3 Things You Can Fix Around the Home Without a Handyman

Do you have any repairs around the home that you’ve been putting off because of the anticipated cost? While repairs can be costly, leaving problems like leaks and holes in your home can cost you more in the long run. Handyman Connection of Lincoln, your expert general contractor, shares three easy repairs you can do over the weekend:


Fixing a Cracked Floor Tile

Cracked floor tiles present a hazard to anyone walking around the house barefoot and to children who can pick up the broken pieces. Luckily, fixing this tile is easier than it seems; all you need are some hearing protection gear, grout remover, a hammer, a chisel, and a hand drill. First, separate the broken tile from the rest of the floor by removing the grout around it. Next, add blue tape on its surface and drill three holes into it with a carbide-tipped drill bit. Chisel out the holes you made with a hammer and remove the larger chunks of the tile. Afterward, dislodge the old thinset with your chisel and hammer. Once the area is clear, you can install a new tile.

Caulking The Bathtub

You should re-caulk your bathtub immediately if it has been looking dingy and gunky. Instead of calling for a professional, re-caulking your tub yourself costs much less and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Simply remove the existing caulk with a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and razor scraper. Once most of it is gone, make sure that the area is smooth by scrubbing it to get rid of any traces of caulk. Add parallel strips of blue tape around the area where you’ll be working on and caulk. As soon as the seams are filled, smooth out the area for a quality finish.

Sealing Holes in the Wall

Notice any holes in your walls? Draw a square around the wall and copy that square on a drywall patch. Cut the square from the drywall and trace its outline on top of the hole in the wall. Next, score the outline with a utility knife and cut the square with a saw. Clean the edges and insert the new dry-fitted patch after applying a joint compound. Once dry, prime and paint the surface.

For larger and more complicated projects, however, it’s best to turn to a professional like Handyman Connection of Lincoln. We have the necessary training and equipment to expertly repair your home. Contact us today at (402) 875-9696 to learn more about the different services we offer. You can also get an estimate.

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