A Trusted Handyman Goes Hand in Hand With Your Vacation Home

vacation home handyman

If you own a vacation home, you should know this. Stuff happens! The staff at Handyman Connection of Kelowna just want you know you are not alone!

 The well known, Murphy’s Law states “if anything can go wrong it will go wrong”

A perfect weekend away with the family may not always be perfect. The basement will flood. Your septic will overflow. The AC unit will die during a sweltering summer. The freezer’s icemaker will start leaking water everywhere. When you finally have to time to enjoy that novel you’ve been waiting to read, a storm will send a tree limb through your favourite reading window.

We have all had the vacations or weekends that just don’t go the way we planned. A home away from home is no different. Except you own this lovely place, and you are the responsible for repairs.

This is why having a trusted handyman on call is absolutely necessary when you own a vacation home. Your local handyman will know the best place for parts and can make the required repairs and you can get back to your relaxing weekend.

This means you’ll spend less time looking over why your water heater isn’t working and more time getting your beauty rest. You’ll spend less time walking the aisles of a hardware stores and more time playing games with your family. You’ll spend less time feeling frustrated while you find wrenches to deal with a leaky faucet and more time enjoying your beach front.

So, the next time anything like this comes your way you can call Handyman Connection of Kelowna. Our craftsmen are trusted, reliable, qualified professionals and will come to your vacation home and do a free evaluation quote.

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