The Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Tub

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While there are many pros to having a walk-in tub if you are elderly or have mobility issues, they can come with a costly price and some minor cons. A standard walk-in tub comes with non-slip flooring, grab bars and a low threshold but even the most standard of them, can be quite the investment. Handyman Connection of Kelowna wants to ensure you have all the facts before making your purchase.

PRO – Similar Water Usage

Because walk-in tubs are so much deeper than a standard tub, most people assume your water usage will raise. While they are deeper, they are also more narrow than most which balances out the water levels. An added bonus to water usage is that most have a heating system to keep circulation throughout your tub so that you do not have to continue to add more hot water. A standard jetted tub can hold anywhere from 35-50 gallons of water while a walk-in tub will hold 50 without additional water being added throughout, therefore, making a walk-in tub actually a bit more water conscious!

CON – Filling and Emptying the Tub

A walk-in tub has a door to ensure that you can get in and out easily with any mobility issues. While this is essential, a downside is that you cannot get in or out while filling or emptying. You do have options to help this con including purchasing a tub with a heated seat to keep the chill off and manufactures have created the tub to ensure it empties in about 7 minutes. Handyman Connection of Kelowna does suggest having towel racks installed nearby as well to keep your towel as close as possible.

PRO – Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

With the features of jets, deep seats and water circulation, a walk-in tub can benefit your body and help health issues including arthiritis or general aches and pains that old age brings. Most walk-in tubs will offer hydrotherapy choices like the above in a standard sense and additions can be added for other causes if required.

CON – Price of Install

A walk-in tub is quite an investment but can be worth it as the pros stated above. The tub itself  can vary between $1,000-5,000 depending on the features which does not include the installation of the product. Another variable will depend on the bathroom you have and if you require any plumbing upgrades or new systems. They are usually not covered under Medicare or Medicaid so be sure you complete your research before purchasing the product.

The Pros can Help

If you have decided that a walk-in tub is worth the cost, Handyman Connection of Kelowna should be your first call to ensure you start the right process. We will send out a qualified plumber to provide you with a free evaluation quote on what requires to be done both before and during the install.

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