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Home Maintenance  /  June 29, 2021

How to Take Care of Wood Rot and Dry Rot in Johnson County, KS

wood rot

Maintain Your Home and Learn How to Take Care of Wood Rot and Dry Rot in Merriam, Shawnee, and Nearby Cities

If you have never checked your home for dry rot or are unsure about where to begin, we have the tips for you. Keep on reading to learn about dry rot, how to find it, and how to treat it in your home to save yourself extra damage costs down the road.

Dry rot and wood rot can appear in many places within your home. Check every year before winter since the moisture from winter melts and cold freezes can exacerbate any moisture problems in your home. Areas that are susceptible to moisture or have a leak can cause dry rot and wood rot. Key areas in your home to check are perimeter woods, doorways, windows, crawl spaces, the roof and attic, wet rooms, bathrooms, basement, and more.

How to Check for Dry Rot

Take a handy flashlight and long-handled screwdriver to check for wet, soft, discolored, swollen, and any odors, which are all signs of rot. Use the screwdriver to poke the wood and see if it gives way or is soft, which is a sign of rot.

Dry Rot Treatment and Prevention

Follow these steps to repair and take care of rot in your home:

  • Seal the area and repair any leaks.
  • Let the wood dry out.
  • Seal with copper or borate wood preservative.
  • Check back to make sure no more moisture appears, and the seal holds.

To prevent dry rot, make sure all caulking is new or redone in areas such as bathroom sinks, windows, bathtubs, and showers. Put a dehumidifier in the basement, and an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and be sure to remove standing water from the wooden deck.

Keep your home up to date and in good shape with these tips. Be sure to check your home every year for dry rot. Call your local craftspeople for help if you need them to make your repairs and complete routine maintenance around the home for you.

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