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Home Improvement  /  March 5, 2021

Types of Home Gutters

Professional Advice for Home Gutters and the Types of Gutters in Johnson County, KS & Surrounding Areas

If you are looking to purchase or replace gutters on your home, here are the different types you can use depending on your needs and where you live. Keep on reading to see our handymen’s explanations of each type.

Most homes need gutters to make sure water runs off and away from your home and foundation without pooling, seeping, or leaking into your home. For example, if your roof has no overhang, there is a sharp peak with an overhang, your home is not on a high-point in the landscape, and more, these are all situations where you will need home gutters.

Home Gutters’ Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Zinc
  • Steel
  • Copper

Types of Home Gutters

Half-round Gutters

These are common and are shaped like a tube cut in half. These need to be cleaned out regularly unless leaf guards are installed due to debris running directly into the gutter. This is most common on older homes.

K-Style Gutters

Very common nowadays, the flat back of the gutter let’s these be nailed easily to the fascia board where your gutter is secured. Its shape resembles a “K” from the side and looks similar to crown molding that you would see inside homes. These carry more water than half-round gutters but are harder to clean due to the angles in their design.

Fascia Gutters

These are custom built to hide seams and crevasses. More on the expensive side, they can be professionally installed whereas the previously mentioned types can be done on your own. These well-fit gutters are protected against rust and leaks due to their fitted style.

From different materials or kinds of gutters, your home gutters can be picked out to best fit your home and needs. These pointers will help you understand what kind may be the best for your home. If you need help installing or maintaining your gutters, contact your local handymen to see how they can help.

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