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Home Improvement  /  March 3, 2022

10 Home Improvement Projects for Spring

staining a deck

Improve your Home with These Top 10 Home Improvement Projects for Spring in Keller, TX & Surrounding Areas

As the warm weather arrives this spring, update your home. Here are ten of our favorite home improvement projects from our team. See what you can get done this season and then relax in the warm weather!

  1. Siding:  Give your home a new look. Siding keeps your home weather and waterproof all while providing new options for colors, materials, and styles you can use to change your home’s look.
  2. Landscape:  If you enjoy gardening or want a pretty view, projects can include new fences, railing, easy-to-use raised garden beds, and more.
  3. Decks:  Create the perfect place for a family gathering. Update your deck with a new stain, sealing, or cleaning, or if you do not have one yet, install a deck to open new possibilities in your yard.
  4. Windows:  New windows improve your home’s heat and cooling and make your home look brand new.
  5. Patios:  On level terrain, a patio can give you a new place to enjoy in your yard. These can be constructed with cement, stonework, tile, and more.
  6. Pressure Washing:  Get ready for summer by cleaning your siding, patio, deck, or driveway.
  7. Lighting:  Add lights to your decks, patios, and pathways to really increase the use of these spaces. Ground lights, hanging lights, and more are only a short list of the installations you can make.
  8. Driveway:  Cracks from winter, tree roots, and more can age your driveway and increase the damage—replace it as needed.
  9. Patio Furniture:  Make sure the cushions are intact and ready to use then clean all furniture.
  10. Painting:  Inside or out, get painting for a fresh clean look in your home.

Summer is almost here after this spring! Finish these projects so you can enjoy the upcoming seasons. See how you can complete a home improvement project, from DIY to professional assistance, to increase the value, enjoyment, and appearance of your home.

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