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Bathroom  /  October 18, 2021

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom shelving

Improve Your Space with Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Fort Worth, TX & Surrounding Areas

If you have a small bathroom in your home and especially if it is the only bathroom in your home, you know the struggle of creating and finding storage space for your belongings. Our craftspeople want to help you make the most of your space with these helpful ideas.

Hang Items

If you don’t have floor space for cabinets or furniture, use the walls!

  • Wall mounts
  • Stick-on hooks
  • Hang wash clothes
  • Hang Robes
  • Hang bath caddy on a second shower rod
  • Magnetic strips for tweezers

Spacious Counters

In a small bathroom storage, you most likely do not have counter space. With the little sink counter, you do have, make sure it is clear of all items to make the space feel less cluttered. Hang items on the wall or put them away in a medicine cabinet. If you must, get a nice little dish to set out and keep your daily necessities out in one spot.

Storage Space

Where there is no space, make some! For example, the corner is an unused space so install a sleek corner cabinet that is tall but thin. This will not take up a lot of space all while giving you a bunch of space.

  • Over the toilet shelving
  • Over the door shelving
  • Corner cabinet
  • Expand existing cabinets
  • Lazy-Susan in cabinet
Lighting Improvements

Good lighting and the use of mirrors can make your small bathroom storage feel bigger. Make sure you have some natural lighting, if possible, as well. Use décor such as plants, or well thought out designs to make it a pleasing space.

Small changes can make a big difference in a little space. Upgrade your small bathroom storage with these tips and ideas. Install a second shower rod to hang items from, see where shelving can go, and challenge yourself to give every item a home so you can clean up easily.

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