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Home Improvement  /  May 3, 2021

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Deck

A deck is one of the most popular parts of an American home. Building one is almost a national pastime. And why not? It’s a beautiful home addition, and it allows you to enjoy the outdoors on what is essentially an extension of your living space. In many neighborhoods, decks add value to real estate.

However, a deck is not a build-it-and-forget-it part of your home. It needs care and maintenance, too. So, before you dive into your deck-building project, curb your enthusiasm for a little bit, and ask yourself a few questions.

Why Do I Want a Deck?

Like many home additions and improvements, a deck needs a reason for being. Otherwise, it becomes a costly project that you would soon neglect or maybe even regret. But there are many reasons to want a deck. For example, it can be an extension of your kitchen, with a grill or a pizza oven. You can also put your flowering plants there. In many cases, a deck is a great location for an outdoor hot tub and a place for sunbathing. You can use a deck for early morning breakfasts with your family or for enjoying a cup of joe late in the afternoon.

These are goals, and you can build a deck according to your specific goals. If you build it right, your deck can also add to curb appeal and to the value of your property.

Am I Ready to Maintain a Deck?

A deck can be your pride and joy, but that’s not where deck ownership ends. You have to take good care of it. If it falls into disrepair, it will become an eyesore that affects the value of your property, maybe even the properties in the entire neighborhood.

A deck needs waterproofing, cleaning, coating, repainting, etc., depending on the material you use. Different materials have different needs, and those needs add to the cost of ownership. However, if you thoroughly enjoy your deck, the costs and the effort in maintaining it should take a backseat.

Who Can Help Me Build the Deck?

You can choose whatever style or material you want, but you should also remember to choose right. Remember, even if you build one with a roof, a deck is exposed to the elements all the time. Just as important is remembering to choose the right contractor to help you build your deck. Good materials matter, but great workmanship can help you achieve what you really want.

These are only a few questions you should ask yourself. We can help you determine what kind of deck you want and then help you build it. Get in touch with Handyman Connection® of Grapevine today. Call us at (817) 527-3600, or request your estimate here.

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