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Home Improvement  /  March 24, 2021

Common Security Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

Not every break-in happens randomly as dedicated burglars would rather look for a potential neighborhood and observe the people living there. It won’t take long for them to learn which homeowners leave their home for a certain amount of time or notice who has their mail collected at their doorstep whenever they’re not in town. 

If you want to ensure your home’s security, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

Forgetting to Arm the Home Security System

If you forget to arm your alarm system just when you leave your home or even forget to lock your back door just once, you’ve made your home vulnerable to potential thieves and burglars who can get in and out without alerting you or the police. If you have the classic burglar alarm installed, make sure that the door is locked and that you manually activated the alarm before leaving your home. You may also want to upgrade to a smart security system for better safety and convenience. A smart security system allows you to check in on your home wherever you are and lets you activate the security remotely from your phone or device!

Leaving Packaging by the Curb

When you get a new TV or laptop, you probably throw away the packaging by leaving it beside the trash by the curb. You shouldn’t do this however as leaving the packaging of expensive items out by the curb can give an indication to potential thieves that you have a newly bought item at home. As trusted contractors, we suggest cutting up your packaging into smaller pieces so that you can easily chuck them in the trash can. 

Not Having a Monitoring Service

Even if you always arm the smart security system whenever you leave your home, you won’t always have time to check your phone. This is why you should have a monitoring service that can watch your home for added protection. With a monitoring service, the company can verify a possible incident and eliminate false alarms before calling the police or security officers to check your home.

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