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Home Improvement  /  September 8, 2020

How a Professional Handyman Installs Gutters

Many homeowners are handy with tools. So, instead of calling a professional, they prefer to go the DIY route. However, some jobs are best left in the hands of a more capable and experienced pro. One good example is gutter installation. 

 Here’s how a professional installs your gutters.

1. Listing Materials 

A handyman would write out the materials needed before setting out to perform the job. In addition to having all the tools ready, they would also plan the cuts so they can avoid wasting materials as well as time. 

2. Joining Gutter Sections 

Before handymen attempt to install gutters, they would join the sections while they’re still on the ground. This makes installation safer and easier.

3. Using the Right Snippers 

Clean and precise cuts are important if you want a perfect installation. A handyman would break out the trusty snippers for the job.

4. Cutting the Downspout Outlet 

Fewer seams on a gutter system means fewer chances of leaking. It also makes the gutters look cleaner. A good handyman would cut out the downspout outlet from the gutter.

5. Setting the Right Slope 

A gutter’s slope helps it eliminate water immediately. This is often where DIY gutter installers fail. The rule of thumb is a slope of ¼ inch per 10 feet of gutter. A handyman would know how to do this right the first time.

6. Applying Sealant 

A handyman would wipe the gutters dry before applying sealant on the inside – know how much sealant is enough to prevent leaks in the long term.

7. Installing Downspouts 

Before installing the downspouts, handymen would use a good pair of crimpers to make precise crimps. They know how to prevent leaks by installing the crimps facing down as well. Then, they would use screws instead of rivets so it’s easier to remove the downspouts to unclog and clean them. 

8. Cleaning the Jobsite 

No self-respecting handyman would leave the job site without cleaning it first. Pros make sure it’s at least as clean as when they arrived. In many cases, a handyman would leave the area more clutter-free and clean than when they found it.

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