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Drywall  /  June 9, 2020

What Causes Bulging Drywall, and How Do You Fix It?

Bulges in your drywall can be caused by improper installation or the presence of moisture behind the drywall panels. The bulges are unsightly, but fortunately there is a way to deal with this problem.

Not Enough Fastening

Bulges that appear where two pieces of drywall meet are typically caused by insufficient fastening. The drywall is pulling away from the studs behind it. Fortunately, we can repair these loose sheets of drywall by refastening them with more screws. However, if your drywall is already cracked or bent, then we might need to replace them with new drywall.

Leaky Plumbing

Leaky plumbing can cause your drywall to bulge as water pools behind it. Aside from the bulge, you might also notice water stains and discoloration around the drywall. To deal with this problem, we will first have to find and fix the leak, allow the area behind the drywall to dry and then replace the entire drywall panel. If the bulge in the drywall is less than eight inches in size, then we might also be able to repair the problem by replacing only the damaged area.

Fastener Installation Problems

Overdriving the fasteners, using the wrong tool to drive the fasteners and not holding the drywall board securely against the studs while fastening can all cause damage to the drywall paper. This allows the moist joint compound to damage the core of the drywall panel, causing the drywall to bulge. Fortunately, we can fix this by removing the damaged paper core and then patching the drywall with joint compound.

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