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home maintenance  /  January 17, 2020

The 3 Kitchen Storage Zones and How to Maximize Them

When it comes to kitchen storage, it’s very easy to lose space, resulting in clutter. To get around this, you need to remember that there are three storage zones in your kitchen, and there are ways for you to maximize them.

Range Center

The range center is the storage zone of your kitchen that includes the area where preparing and cooking food takes place. Often, this is where homeowners store cookware. If you want to maximize storage space in this area, make sure to dedicate one cabinet near the oven for stovetop pans and pots, and one cabinet for equipment used in the oven.

If you desire, you can even install a narrow kitchen cabinet to store baking sheets sideways. Keep appliances like toasters and countertop grills in this area to streamline the cooking process, and make sure that spices are stored within reach when you’re at the stove.

Sink Center

On the other hand, the sink center is usually between the refrigerator and range centers for maximum efficiency as the sink gets more use than any spot in the kitchen. When it comes to maximizing this space, plan to have the most uncluttered countertop space in the sink center, and store your everyday flatware, dishes and glassware in drawers and cabinets near the sink. Make sure to place your dishwasher near the sink as well for easier cleaning.

Refrigerator Center

Since the refrigerator center serves as a receiving and initial food preparation point in your kitchen, place it near the kitchen’s entrance. That way, you won’t have to cross the other zones to get to the fridge. Make sure to have some countertop space next to the fridge so you can set your bags down and unload your groceries. The cabinet next to your fridge is also a good spot for your pantry items, such as dry ingredients, mixing bowls and baking utensils.

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