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Home Improvement  /  December 9, 2019

Your Home Maintenance Checklist for 2020

Planning for your home maintenance needs will help ensure that everything runs well in your house. It will also allow you to prepare for the costs of the projects. Keep in mind that being proactive when it comes to caring for your home can save you from major repair expenses. 

Here’s a list of projects you can accomplish throughout the year to keep your home in top shape. 


Change HVAC Filters 

It’s best to replace your HVAC filters every one to three months. 

Perform a Safety Check

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries as needed. You must have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and check that it’s working properly. 


Check for Leaks

The colder months are one of the best times to perform indoor home maintenance. Check your shower, tub, faucets and toilets for leaks. Address leaks immediately as they can affect your water bill. 


Seal Windows and Doors

Energy loss usually occurs through windows and doors so check them for cracks and gaps. When not addressed, they can cause a significant increase in your energy costs. Make sure to choose energy-efficient products if your doors or windows need replacing.


Inspect Your Exterior

Walk around your home, and look for signs of damage to your siding and gutters. You can use a pair of binoculars to check your roof for broken shingles or damaged flashing. 


Powerwash Your Home

Get your home ready for summer by carefully power washing your siding, deck and driveway. However, if you don’t have experience using the equipment, it’s best to leave this task to pros. 


Wash Windows

Deep clean your window’s exterior and interior. This project will make your home brighter and more inviting. 


Declutter Your Garage

Organize your garage by hanging tools on pegboards. You can store small items in cabinets or bins and shelves.


Get a Roof Inspection

The roof is your home’s main defense against harsh elements and weather. Hire a professional roofer to check your roof for damage and tackle any necessary repairs. 


Prepare Your Fireplace

Get your fireplace ready for the colder weather by doing a thorough inspection. You can hire an expert to inspect and clean your chimney. 


Check Your Siding

Fall’s mild temperatures are ideal for repairing siding damage and touching up exterior paint. Check your siding for chipped or peeling paint as well as cracks. 


Rake Leaves and Clean Gutters

Keep your grass from drying by regularly raking your yard. Don’t forget about your gutters because fallen leaves can clog them, causing water to overflow onto your roof and exterior. 


Get Ready for Winter

If your windows have screens, it’s best to remove them before winter comes to prevent snow from getting trapped and damaging window frames. You must also prepare your pipes or consider installing insulation to keep them from freezing. 

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