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Home Improvement  /  October 8, 2019

Top Kitchen Organization Mistakes You Should Avoid

A properly organized kitchen doesn’t just make it easy to cook. It is also more beautiful. If you found it incredibly hard to declutter and organize your kitchen, then you might have been taking the wrong approach. 

Buying Storage Containers You Don’t Need

An organizer or storage container that you don’t use just takes up valuable space. Many times, people buy containers without properly analyzing what their kitchen needs. Before buying a new storage container, make sure to take stock of your current storage options and to note the things you plan to store in each container. You’ll also have to carefully measure the cabinet or container to make sure that your kitchen still has space.

Keeping Unused Appliances on the Counter

The appliances on your counter take up valuable real estate. If you haven’t used an appliance in the past month, then it does not need to be there. You’ll have to decide whether to sell or donate this appliance since it doesn’t get enough use. If the appliance is seasonal, then you need to set aside some storage space for it. If the appliance isn’t really something you see yourself using more than a few times in a year, then it needs to go.

Not Using Your Upper Cabinets

You should aim to take full advantage of all of your kitchen cabinets. This includes the upper cabinets that are hard to reach. These upper cabinets are the perfect place to store your fancy dishware or serving platters because you only use those things once or twice a year. The upper cabinets are also a good place to store extra cleaning supplies.

Handyman Connection® of Grapevine offers high-quality kitchen storage and organization options that can greatly improve your kitchen. All of our handymen have over a decade of experience so they know exactly the right organization solution for your kitchen. In addition to our storage and cabinetry services, we can also help you with remodeling, plumbing, maintenance and installations and more. Call us at (817) 533-4333 to learn more about our services and products or to ask for an estimate. You can also contact us here.

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