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home maintenance  /  July 11, 2019

Is It Still Worth Repairing Your Deck?

A deck, even an old one, can add so much value to your home. If you have a deck that has been worn or damaged, consult with an expert. Professionals may still be able to salvage and transform it into a beautiful outdoor space.

Handyman Connection® of Grapevine, a trusted home maintenance expert, lists some of the questions you should ask to know if your deck can still be brought back to life.

1. Is the Structural Integrity of Your Deck Intact?

This is one of the first things you need to discuss with your contractor. The structural integrity of your deck will make any repair work possible. So, if your deck is no longer structurally sound, you may need more than just a repair to get it back into shape.

It’s best to have your contractor check the spans and sizes of your decking joists and beams, and submit them to your city hall for inspection. Make sure to get the inspector’s opinion on the structural integrity of your deck before starting your deck project.

2. Does Your Deck Have Sound Footings?

To know if your deck footings are still okay, check if they have heaved above grade or if they look warped. This is a sure sign that the footings have become too shallow, which will require you to replace them with deeper ones. You can replace the footings by digging and pouring new ones next to the old ones. There’s no need to rip the old footings out.

3. Are the Wood Components of Your Deck in Good Condition?

Check for signs of rot, especially on posts and framing materials. If these components are made of treated wood, you don’t have to worry since these can certainly last for a long time. However, if your deck is framed with redwood or cedar, experts would usually recommend reframing it with treated wood.

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