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Flooring  /  April 10, 2019

4 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Hardwood Floors

If you plan on installing hardwood floors, there are several factors you have to consider when choosing a new hardwood flooring. Even if you hire a contractor like Handyman Connection® of Grapevine, you’ll still have to select your flooring. But now, you’re probably wondering what exactly are these factors you have to consider when choosing your hardwood floors.

In this post, Handyman Connection of Grapevine discusses those four factors.

  1. Engineered or Solid Flooring – Hardwood flooring comes in thick planks of solid timber, and solid hardwood is still widely available. But numerous companies also offer the engineered flooring planks, which are designed to prevent the floor from shifting during contraction and expansion cycles. It basically restricts the wood’s natural movement. Choose carefully between the two as some engineered floors are so thin you couldn’t sand and refinish them in the future.

  1. Type of Finish – Despite there being numerous finishing products, it all boils down into two categories: oil or polyurethane. Oil penetrates the wood and makes it feel soft and natural. Polyurethane, however, is more impervious to stains and damage compared to oil since it creates a hard topcoat that’s more resilient. Oil finishes also scratch easily and require more maintenance, and these scratches are more noticeable. Polyurethane, on the other hand, requires a more hands-on approach to maintenance despite its less frequent need, and you must buff and recoat an entire section of your flooring if there is damage.

  1. Wood – Oak is a popular wood type for hardwood flooring due to its durability. You can choose between white oak and red oak. Both are good choices since they’re long lasting and affordable. Another wood you can choose is walnut, which suits rooms with a darker finish. Other choices are hickory, cherry, maple and ash.

  1. Prefinished or Site Finished – You can purchase hardwood planks with a raw face that can be finished by professionals like Handyman Connection of Grapevine after installation. On the other hand, you can also opt for having it prefinished, which arrives with the stain and topcoat applied. Prefinished allows you to know what you’re getting and takes less time to install. On-site finish, meanwhile, allows you a degree of control and customization that you feel would better suit your home and your needs.

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