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home maintenance  /  February 6, 2019

DIY Projects That Improve Your Home’s Security

Reliability and effectiveness are the main hallmarks of a good security system. There’s a prevailing belief that these traits come at a premium, but this is not necessarily true. There are some DIY projects you can take on that will either serve as or improve on your home’s security system.

Let our experts at Handyman® Connection of Grapevine walk you through the many options you have when securing your home.

Motion Sensors and Alarms

Of the many security measures available today, motion sensors are perhaps the most underrated. One huge drawback that turns homeowners off is that these sensors detect trespassers only after they’ve entered your home. Moreover, a majority of false alarms come from motion sensors.

You can work around this issue by thoroughly planning out the location of your sensors. This might require stepping into the shoes of a burglar, but you have to anticipate potential weak points that unscrupulous individuals can exploit. Place the sensors a reasonable distance away from entry points. This allows the system to start up before the actual break-in happens. While you’re at it, keep your devices protected from animals and debris that could trigger the sensor and cause a false alarm.

Monitoring Systems

The main advantage of monitoring services is that they will automatically contact authorities as soon as they detect any intrusion. However, this often comes with a monthly subscription that could easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year. If you’re not particularly worried about break-ins, you can opt for a monitor that triggers a loud alarm instead. However, never underestimate the advantages of automatic contact triggers when choosing a monitoring system.

Window Transmitters

Round out your DIY security system with window alarm systems that go off when windows are opened from the outside. There are many reliable wireless window transmitters available today that you can take advantage of, and a majority of these sensors are readily compatible with a whole-home monitoring system.

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