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home maintenance  /  January 9, 2019

Metal Primer: What You Need to Know

The use of a metal primer is always recommended when painting a metal component in your home. After all, it is likely that the material may come into contact with moisture. Handyman Connection® of Grapevine, home of your local home improvement specialists, explains what you need to know about this important painting equipment.

Reasons for Using a Primer

Prior to painting, any untreated metal must first be applied with a primer to seal it from exposure. Acting as a protective agent, it resists moisture for materials without an inherent resistance to water. Without it, the metal will oxidize, leading to rust and gradual decay.

Also, take note that paint in itself doesn’t provide a permanent coat. Direct application of paint on the metal surface may result in it flaking off. Thanks to its chemical composition, the metal primer can easily bond and adhere with paint.

Metals in Need of a Primer

Some metals require a primer, while some don’t. The latter may already have rust-resistant properties, like stainless steel. Examples of metals found in your home that need primer include aluminum, galvanized steel, and wrought iron. They are the main components of typical household items like furniture, fences, egress wells, and gutters.

Paint and Primer Types

When looking for metal primers, find those that explicitly indicate as those that inhibit rust. Some have zinc in them, which is an element that oxidizes in place of the metal. It will take years for the base metal to oxidize since zinc in the metal primer needs to be dissolved entirely upon application.

Paint types vary depending on where the metal is used. Gutters and metal siding are found outdoors, which means you need acrylic or latex paint. Surfaces that receive more wear and tear like furniture would benefit from an oil-based paint. In both types, a primer is still necessary.

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