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home maintenance  /  December 28, 2018

The Science Behind Induction Cooktops

Modern technology has changed the way people prepare their food. Induction cooktops, for instance, are a recent invention that is becoming more common in many residential homes. Handyman Connection® of Grapevine discusses how induction cooktops work.

What Is Induction?

Electromagnetic induction refers to the production of electric current across an electric conductor, which is a result of a changing magnetic field. Note that a change in a magnetic field generates electric current and vice versa. Induction cooktops, however, work when the electric field across a conductor produces a magnetic field.

How Induction Cooktop Works

In terms of appearance, induction cooktops look like any other cooktop. They have different zones for placing pans and pots of varying sizes, but they have a glass ceramic plate on top of an electromagnetic coil of metal. This is the primary component that heats the vessels kept above the cooktop.

An electric current passes through the coil when you switch on the power supply of your induction cooktop. This will then produce a magnetic field in all directions around the coil, which will penetrate the metal of the pan. The current will then travel around the metal structure of the pan and dissipate some of its energy in the form of heat. 

Advantages and Drawbacks

What makes an induction cooktops a worthwhile investment? This type of cooktop is energy-efficient since it transfers most the energy to the cooking pan with minimal loss of energy. Plus, it heats up faster than ordinary cooktops. Maintenance is also not a concern because induction cooktops are easy to clean.

The biggest drawback, however, is that homeowners can only use pans or pots that are compatible with them. The cooking vessels should contain iron like stainless steel.

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