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Home Improvement  /  November 8, 2018

Important Design Elements of a Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen remains one of the most popular kitchen styles. It takes attention to detail into account, where all parts of the kitchen are filled with embellishments to create a layered effect and a beautiful, airy space. To achieve the look of a traditional kitchen, here are some important design elements that it should have:

Adding Period Pieces and Decorations

A traditional kitchen must have an eclectic collection of ornaments that match other evident period designs. Do away with furniture and other pieces that don’t have a defined period style or are considered contemporary or modern. The idea here is that there should be adornments everywhere you look.

Sticking to Neutral Colors

Following a classic color palette enhances the kitchen’s traditional look. They may not stand out like cool colors found in the modern design aesthetic, but neutral colors help the kitchen create warmth and a homey feeling. Popular ones include white, beige, gray, and sage.

Establishing Focal Points in the Kitchen

Achieving a traditional kitchen style puts emphasis on adding more design elements to create more focal points. You can add variety to cabinetry hardware and design, stagger cabinetry height, and explore stains and finishes.

Pushing for Luxury

There is nothing wrong with going all out in designing a traditional kitchen. Countertop material choices include marble, quartz, and granite. All of these establish an Old World feel. Also, any lighting reserved for the dining area can work in the traditional kitchen setting. These include chandeliers and lantern-style lights.

Achieving a traditional kitchen aesthetic comes down to establishing eye-catching details throughout the space. All of these are possible when you hire remodeling professionals from Handyman Connection of Grapevine. You can count on us to deliver the best home improvement project with the utmost care, quality and customer service.

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