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handyman remodeling  /  October 16, 2018

Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

What are the factors to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen countertop material? Durability, aesthetic appeal, cost, scratch resistance, and maintenance requirement are the top things to prioritize when investing in a new countertop. Your decision, however, should always depend on your kitchen layout to avoid compromising the overall aesthetics and functionality.

Handyman Connection® of Grapevine shares four of the most popular countertop materials that can suit almost any kitchen style.


This material is a go-to option for homeowners who want to make their countertop stand out. It provides a timeless elegance that can create a luxurious vibe in your kitchen. Apart from its look, granite is also durable and impervious to heat. Its porous surface, however, may require sealing to avoid stains.


Soapstone is another natural countertop material that has a unique charm. It’s often found in traditional homes for countertops and kitchen sinks. What makes soapstone unique? It has a deep, rich color and is stain-resistant. Similar to granite, it also requires maintenance. Soapstone should also be treated with mineral oil to maintain its beauty.


For homeowners who want a unique countertop material, marble may be the best option. Since no two sheets of marble are the same, each countertop will have a distinct look. This countertop material, however, isn’t DIY-friendly. Work with a trusted contractor to help you install your marble countertop.


Unlike granite, soapstone, and marble, countertop quartz is an engineered stone product. It contains 93% quartz particles and other materials, shaped into slabs and bound with resins. One of the biggest advantages of this countertop material is it can be customized based on your preference.

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