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home maintenance  /  November 7, 2018

Home Repair Tips: Fixing Drywall Cracks and Holes

Drywall goes by many names. Some call it sheetrock, while others refer to it as wallboard or plasterboard. No matter what you call it, drywall plays an important role in the construction of not only homes, but even most establishments around.

More than reinforcing the structural integrity of your walls, drywall also increases the fire resistance of your walls and ceilings. Your drywall requires proper maintenance so it can continue to serve its many functions.

Handyman Connection® of Golden gives you tips on repairing the cracks and holes in your drywall:

Repairing Drywall Cracks

It helps to know that the cracks on your drywall are more likely caused by your house settling rather than foundational issues. In any case, it’s better to observe if this gets bigger. If it does, wait for the progress to wane or cease completely before proceeding with repairs. You’ll need a utility knife, putty knife, painters tape, pre-mixed joint compound and sanding sponge.

Cut about half to ¼ of an inch through the length of the crack. Remove wall materials that come loose. Apply a half inch layer of the joint compound on the drywall crack and then embed the tape in the layer. Don’t forget to squeeze out the compound from both sides of the tape. Let dry and apply a second layer of joint compound.

You can put as many as three layers of the compound on the crack but be sure each layer is completely dry before applying another coating. Sand the area and paint to match the existing wall color.

Repairing Drywall Holes

If the hole on your drywall is relatively small, cut it at an angle where the exterior side is bigger than the interior. Fill the gap with joint compound and let dry. Add more layers until the surface of the hole is flush with the existing wall. Once the area is dry, sand it then paint over it. For slightly bigger holes, sand the perimeter of the gap and place fiberglass mesh tape over the hole. Apply a layer or two of joint compound. Sand until smooth then paint to match the rest of your wall.

Repairing bigger holes requires a higher level of skill. It’s best to contact your remodeling contractor to fix them.

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