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home maintenance  /  November 21, 2018

Home Maintenance Tips for Healthy Indoor Air

The average American spends about 87% of their life indoors. Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense to ensure your home’s indoor air quality is healthy. Improve your home’s indoor air quality by following these simple yet useful tips from Handyman Connection® of Golden.

Pleasant Living Conditions

While your home provides a refuge from the outside world, it’s just as fraught with pollutants. Nevertheless, something as simple as keeping a tidy home greatly improves the air quality in your home. Make it a point to vacuum your carpets and rugs twice a week at the very least. Regularly clean and change your bedding, pillowcases, drapes and curtains. Do everything you can to manage the sources of inhalable pollutants in your home. These include your couches, beds and even old furniture where mold and mildew are more likely to develop.


High-moisture areas such as your bathroom require adequate ventilation to avoid mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew are harmful, even more so to children with asthma. A proper exhaust vent reduces the stuffy atmosphere in your toilets and baths. Apart from your bathrooms, your kitchen can also benefit from an optimally functioning ventilation system. A range hood greatly helps in managing lingering smells and harmful cooking fumes.

Open your windows every once in a while to let some fresh air in. Air purifiers, diffusers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also viable indoor air management options.

Pets and Plants

While your furry pets are a source of joy, they can also be a source of allergens. Regular trips to a pet grooming salon can help keep fur shedding at bay. Meanwhile, potted plants can also trigger allergies. The fact that they produce oxygen is eclipsed by the fact that they also produce allergens.

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