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Home Improvement  /  October 24, 2018

Tiled and Tested: Foolproof Tile Designs for Small Bathrooms

The scale of your bathroom shouldn’t limit your design prowess. In fact, you can utilize certain tile patterns and arrangements to work to your advantage, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Handyman Connection® of Golden gives you the best tile designs for not-so-large bathrooms.

Go Diagonal

While it may be quite a challenge to cut tiles this way, diagonally placed tiles do wonders in making your bathroom look larger. You have an optical illusion to thank for this. Diagonal tiles aren’t that easy to count courtesy of its placement. They also open up the floor space and provide a visually interesting pattern.

Go Light

The simplest way to open up a space is to employ lighter colors in the design scheme. You may have already used this trick in other parts of your home such as your kitchen or bedroom. Similarly, your small bathroom can benefit from light or lighter-colored tile. Don’t limit yourself to white tiles. Add texture and character to your bathroom by using tiles in hues of beige or cream.

Go Large

Bigger is better when it comes to tiling your bathroom. Small tiles tend to break up the visual coherence of the floor as opposed to the more seamless effect of larger tiles. Note the proper installation of large tiles. Due to their size, there should be about 90% mortar contact beneath the tiles to avoid cracking.

Making Mosaics

The best way you could make mosaic tiles work for your tiny bathroom is to have the grout lines painted in more or less the same color as the tile. Subtle grout lines reduce the grid-like effect and create a more visually pleasing pattern.

There are countless ways you can spruce up your small bathroom. Reimagining tile design is just one way of making a small space seem larger. Turn to Handyman Connection of Golden for stunning yet functional tile planning and designs. You may contact us at (303) 848-2752.

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