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home maintenance  /  October 17, 2018

Fence Basics: How to Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Your wooden fence works round the clock to give your home a beautiful property border while keeping stray animals out. Keep your wooden fences intact with these maintenance tips from Handyman Connection® of Golden.

Check Your Picket Fences

Inspect each picket on your fence. Look out for loose or rusting nails. Depending on the level of rot, you can either hammer in or replace any nail that has come loose. Damaged or rotting pickets should also be replaced. Secure every section of your fence and make sure the posts are properly anchored to the ground. Keep in mind that fence posts should be pressure-treated so they can withstand moisture and resist insect infestations.

Cedar and redwood are known to offer more resistance against rot and decay than other wooden fence materials so consider using either for your fence. You may apply a preservative or sealant on wooden materials that weren’t pressure-treated.

Wash Your Fences

Remove mildew with a mildew cleaner. For areas with no mildew but have accumulated grime and dirt, you may use a scrub brush with regular soap and water. You can also pressure wash your fence.

Stain, Paint and Caulk

Exposure to the sun and other elements will cause the paint or stain on your fence to fade. Use two thin coats of paint or stain, and use a paintbrush so the paint can get into even the narrowest areas of the fence. If you prefer your wooden fence without paint or stain, apply an ample amount of sealer. Reapply annually. You should also caulk your wooden fence every year to keep it intact and beautiful for years to come.

Keep vines and bushes off of your fence as the added weight can damage your pickets. Avoid leaving the water sprinkler on longer than necessary.

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