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Home Improvement  /  June 20, 2018

How to Deal With Common Safety Hazards at Home

Home is often associated with feelings of safety, warmth and security. However, there are still a few safety hazards that are present in the average home. Thankfully, most of them can easily be dealt with. Handyman Connection® of Golden discusses some of the common hazards at home and how you can minimize them:


One out of five adults who fall often incur a broken bone. Wet floors, scattered toys and slippery surfaces all create a potential hazard for falls. To avoid any accidents, keep children’s toys, skateboards and bikes in safe areas away from high traffic areas. Secure rugs on your bathroom floor to avoid pooling water and invest in non-slip stickers to keep everyone from slipping in the shower. As an added measure of safety, make sure all your staircases have solid handrails and, if you have small children at home, safety gates.


From meals not properly swallowed to children ingesting small items, choking is one of the largest causes of accidental deaths in the country. Keep your family safe by storing small hard food like nuts and candies out of reach of children. You can also inspect all their toys regularly to check for any loose parts. Even if your child isn’t an infant anymore, having a baby monitor can be helpful. This can be used to monitor their playtime and to listen for any signs of choking.


Fires are among the most notorious of hazards, causing everything from smoke damage to complete property devastation. Simple items like candles or an unattended iron can all lead to an accidental fire, but there are ways to prevent it from getting out of hand. Installing a fire alarm, for example, can alert you of a fire immediately, so you can stop it from spreading. It’s also important to keep a fire extinguisher at home for emergency situations.

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