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Home Improvement  /  May 25, 2018

4 Private Fence Ideas for the Modern Home

For many homeowners, when it comes to the yard their priority is how beautiful and attractive it looks from the curb, completely glossing over how important privacy and security is. Privacy and attractiveness should go hand in hand when it comes to your yard. Luckily, you can choose from a range of fence options to achieve this.

Handyman Collection of Golden lists four privacy fence ideas for the contemporary and modern home.

1.Horizontal Planks

This is the most popular fence idea and for good reason. Horizontal planks have a clean-cut look that allows it to blend with the modern home’s facade. Its sleek appearance is also versatile, as you can change the spacing between each plank. They also double as a trellis, giving your yard some added functionality.

2.Metal Fence

Metal, as a material, has always been closely associated with the quintessential contemporary or modern home, so it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular choice for fencing. Corrugated metal, in particular, is a popular choice since it looks clean and modern. It also contrasts well with wooden elements in your backyard, such as the wooden posts that support it.

3.Plant Fencing

In some cases, the space restrictions of the home often make it difficult or outright impossible to create a fence around your property. If this is the case, we recommend using plants as fences. Bamboo fencing is a fashionable alternative to regular wood and metal fences, although it’s also possible to create an effective fence with your potted plants. Plant fencing is a great choice if you want to establish a greener and more secure home.

4.Wooden Planks

The classic wooden plank fencing is still a great choice for modern homes; cedar, in particular, due to its sturdiness. As a material, you can also paint it in different colors or stains.

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