Maintenance Checklist: Tasks to Do for the Fall and Winter

The colder months are here again. As winter draws near, it is important to give your home a boost. Taking on a few simple chores can help you and your family enjoy the next few months without any problems that might come up in the spring. Here’s a maintenance checklist containing tasks you can do this fall.

Winterize Those You Put Away For the Winter

When your mower is not in use, be sure to avoid degrading the gasoline stored in it. A fuel stabilizer can help with this to keep the machine in good condition. Also, since you are not going to use your grill for winter, tune it up first before storing it. Give it close attention when cleaning. Disconnect the propane tank first before keeping it inside for storage.

Clean (and Fix) Your Gutters

Remove any leaves, twigs, or debris settled on your gutters.  These can cause clogging, resulting in ice dams during winter. Straighten your gutters to prevent sagging and trapping water. Replace them if they are already worn out or damaged. Pay attention to your downspouts, too. Remove clogs using a plumber’s snake.

Restore Indoor Comfort

Use your caulk to seal any air leaks on your siding, windows, door frames and pipe and wire openings. These are the least expensive tasks you can do to ensure your indoors stay comfortable for the fall and winter. In doing so, you prevent moisture from entering the home, as well as save energy.

Fertilize and Moisten the Soil

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall gives the soil enough nutrients and energy for the grass to grow in number before they go dormant in winter. After applying fertilizer, be sure to water the soil to dissolve and soak into the ground. This will also bring back the moisture content it lost during the summer.

Count on Handyman Connection of Fort Collins for your home fixes and maintenance projects for fall and winter. Our work is performed by experienced craftsmen who walk you through the process every step of the way for a simple and seamless experience. Give us a call at  (970) 235-0818 for more information. You may also fill out our form to request a free estimate.

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