Tile Damage: Causes and Remedies

Damaged tiles are one of the many problems homeowners face. Whether the problem is with the tiles or the material below them, they are not a sight to see. Read further to learn more.

Causes of Tile Damage

Most tiles break due to cracks that extend across them. It is a result of objects hitting the floor from a height. They often occur in the kitchen, though they can happen in doorways where items may be dropped.

Most tiles in the market break under specific pressure. Those that can withstand up to 250 pounds of pressure comply with strength standards. Any more than that and the weight of the object standing on it can cause the tiles to get damaged.

Tile damage can also point to how the material is installed, either on control joints or on improperly spaced joists. Also, a tile crack may happen when the concrete substrate below suffers the same due to aging.

Replacement of Damaged Tiles

All tiles are subject to damage, especially when they happen due to impact. In most cases, these are bound to be replaced. This is recommended as long as there are a few tiles of the same size and color stashed away from the time they were first installed. Otherwise, you can lay out a pattern that will match your new tiles with the old ones.

Another way to deal with loose, damaged tiles is to bond them back in place. A liquid bonding material is injected into the grout lines. This is then cured to firmly hold the tiles back to its original position.

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