Reclaiming Space: Tips on Revamping Your Basement

Your basement might be one of the most underutilized rooms in your house. Perhaps it is due to the location, or the long-standing reputation of the basement as a musty, gloomy and generally unappealing space. The best way to address this problem is through remodeling.

Let Handyman Connection of Fort Collins help you reclaim an otherwise wasted space with these useful basement renovation tips.

Initial Assessment

Before proceeding with the renovation, you must first assess the size and condition of your basement. Spotting several pools of water may seem alarming, but you can always consult your contractor regarding moisture management. The size of your basement should also be considered. Is the space sufficient enough for a renovation? Only after confirming the agreeable status and dimensions of your basement can you proceed with the next steps.

Interest Check

While your family may share a number of common traits, you each have varying interests as individuals. Take these interests into consideration when choosing a style for your basement. You can incorporate a favorite sport into the design, such as basketball or football themed wallpaper or posters. The walls can also be painted if wallpaper is not an option. You may even use trophies and medals as part of the decor. For the musically inclined, you can transform part of the basement into a recording studio of sorts. Make sure the walls are soundproof so the noise doesn’t reach other parts of your house.

You may even simply ask for a consensus on the main theme or color scheme of the basement. Pro tip: since the basement is a secluded area, its acoustics are perfect for a home theater.

Let There Be Light

Basements do tend to be gloomy due to their location, but that shouldn’t stop you from revamping yours. Since natural light is not always an option, powerful and energy-efficient artificial light sources such as recessed lights are a good alternative.

Electrical Requirements

While design and architecture are important aspects of the remodeling, your renovation project will be counterproductive if there’s no electricity in the basement. Ensure the proper installation of electrical wires and outlets in compliance with your area’s building codes.

At Handyman Connection of Fort Collins, we believe every aspect of your house is important. For this reason, we offer a wide array of home improvement services, including basement remodeling. For questions about our other services, you may call us at (970) 235-0818.

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