Aging-in-Place Homes: How to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

A home that ages in place is just as valuable to you as it is for families with senior family members. After all, you want your dwelling to be a safe place when you’re in your golden years, too. While it’s one of the most valuable home investments, few homeowners know how to actually start it.

Handyman Connection® of Fort Collins discusses simple ways to make your home more senior-friendly.

Accessible Entryways

One of your main priorities should be making your entryways more accessible to your senior loved ones. One step might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a large hindrance for seniors, especially if they have wheelchairs.

As early as now, you’ll want to reduce the steps in your entryway or remove it completely from the entrance. If this is out of the question from a design standpoint, we recommend installing a ramp or slope. It’s easier to climb and makes your home more accessible to those in wheelchairs.

Safer Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most dangerous part of your home. Even now, in your prime, you can fall and injure yourself on its slippery surface. Just imagine how dangerous it would be when you get older. The simplest way to make your bathroom safer is by installing a grab bar or handle so you can hold on to something while you navigate the bathroom.

Adequate Lighting

The bathroom isn’t the only space that needs adequate lighting. The critical areas include the kitchen, staircases and hallways. These are usually dim and dreary spaces and it’s easy to trip on something when it’s this way. Replace your old incandescents with compact fluorescent light bulbs, or even better, LED ones. Not only do they last several times longer and are more energy-efficient, they shine brighter, too.

Handyman Connection of Fort Collins can help you create a more senior-friendly home today. Fill out our form or give us a call at (970) 235-0818 to learn more about our services.

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