How to Clean the Tub and Sink With Household Materials

The bathtub and sink are two of the most problematic areas that require proper cleaning to restore it back to its original and clean state. It’s understandable to find cleaning these areas a challenge, but you can actually clean them quite effectively without resorting to chemicals.

Our team from Handyman Connection® of Fort Collins shares how to clean the tub and sink by using household materials.

Cleaning Mold and Soap Scum

Mold will proliferate quickly in your bathtub due to its naturally warm and moist conditions. These, along with soap scum, are difficult to get rid of. Instead of using the usual chemical soap, we recommend using vinegar. It’s a natural mold killer and it loosens even the stickiest mold deposits in those hard-to-reach places. Simply spray some vinegar in the affected area, let it settle for a few minutes and rinse it with water.

Soap scum is another tricky problem, but you can clean it easily using dish soap mixed with baking soda. This will create an abrasive paste to scrub away the soap and other stains, such as the ones on the grout lines.

Cleaning the Sink

The same vinegar and dish soap combo is useful for cleaning your sink. The vanity area doesn’t experience the same level of grime and mold as your bathtub, so a strong solution isn’t necessary. We recommend you mix a half cup of soap and vinegar with a cup of water and two cups of baking soda.

This mixture is strong enough to strip off soap scum and grime off the surface of your sink. It’s not abrasive, so it won’t damage the surface at all. All you need to do once you’ve applied the solution is to wash it properly with warm water to prevent the paste from settling on the sink.

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