4 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas to Try

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of your home and it’s easy for it to become one of the most cluttered places, too. Organizing the kitchen, while difficult, can be made easier by making sure everything is stored properly.

Our kitchen remodeling experts at Handyman Connection® of Fort Collins shares four unique kitchen storage ideas to try on your next remodel.

1.    Over-the-Sink Storage

The space above your kitchen sink or cooking area is one of the most underused parts of the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to add another cabinet if you’re lacking one. Adding extra storage here won’t actually interfere with the established kitchen design nor will it pose a safety hazard.

The way to do this is by making sure the cabinet has enough allowance. For sinks, you can place your new storage area as low or as high as you see fit. Take advantage of this space to create a unique storage area that’s also the center of your entire kitchen.

2.    Above the Windows

Every inch of your kitchen should be used and the space above your window is no exception. Installing a simple shelf above your window not only increases display space for your plates and bowls, it also accents the windows themselves, serving as a “border” of sorts to accentuate the windows.

3.    A  Backsplash Shelf

The backsplash is often tucked away in an awkward corner that makes “centering” the kitchen a hassle. You can address this design problem by adding shelves to your backsplash as a way to border and accentuate the area. Glass shelves are the best choice as they blend easily with any kind of backsplash, whether it be tile or stone.

4.    The Humble Plate Rack

Adding a plate rack for your pots and pans is a great way to store them and show off your collection. It’s also easier to access, especially when installed on top of your cooktop or sink area. It’s affordable, too.

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