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Electrical  /  July 4, 2019

The Dangers of Electrical Overloading in Summer

Air conditioning is a balm to sweltering summer afternoons. After a particularly hot day, you just want to head indoors and cool down with your home’s cooling system hard at work. Unfortunately, you are not alone. During the summer season, millions of American households are turning to their air conditioners for respite. While this seems like a normal occurrence in the twenty-first century, the amount of electricity it consumes certainly takes its toll on the power grid.

Overloading problems are not exclusive to the power company. These problems affect your home and your appliances as well. Let our professional technicians at Handyman Connection® of Eden Prairie show you why you should be wary of electrical overloads.

Damaged Appliances

The most common sign of electrical overloading is flickering lights. This is a result of fluctuations in the power that the grid is able to provide. With many homes consuming inordinate amounts of electricity during peak hours, you can expect blackouts, surges and outages to be more frequent, and this could mean trouble for many of your electrical appliances.

Safety Issues

Old homes with aging electrical systems are more prone to power problems. Schedule a check-up with a licensed and certified electrician to identify problematic areas in your home’s connections. This could help you keep your consumption at a minimum while also protecting you from potential safety hazards.

How You Can Help

It’s tempting to take electricity for granted. When the grid is under extreme stress due to high demand, you’re more likely to not have any power at all. Be mindful about your consumption to prevent problems with grid overloading.

Don’t let an electrical overload mess up your air conditioner this summer. Trust only our expert technicians at Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie for all your electrical and electronic needs. Give us a call at (952) 777-4875, or fill out our online contact form to schedule an inspection and request an estimate today.

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