For people who live in Broadmoor, CO and are coming up on the end of their careers, they might be considering aging-in-place services. That way they can reside in the comfort of their house well into retirement. This will allow you to have family and friends stay for visits or let you hold reunions and keep your own furniture. While you and your spouse may be healthy in the future, aging-in-place renovations can simplify your transition into retirement.

The Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs professionals can conduct many aging-in-place service projects, from doorway updates, non-slip flooring installations to aging-in-place bathroom remodeling. When implemented properly, these renovations make maintenance easier. They can also make your space easier to navigate for wheelchairs, walkers and electric scooters. These upgrades can also make senior care easier, so you can take better care of your husband or wife and keep them out of a nursing home longer.

Whether you need smaller-scale upgrades and repairs to stay in your residence or a complete remodel, reach out to the Handyman Connection aging-in-place renovation contractors in Broadmoor, CO. We can answer all your questions or set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Structural Remodels for Aging-in-Place

  • Widening of halls and doorways to make them easier for wheelchairs to go through can be necessary for aging-in-place services
  • Installation of chair lifts for stairs or elevators can make living at home a real possibility
  • One-floor living is a requirement for many seniors. We can help you fix up your house to age in place in comfort without having to use the stairways

Senior Home Exterior Remodeling

  • Siding upgrades can save you the work of ongoing maintenance
  • Fixing your deck or patio can keep you and your visitors safe, and deck remodeling such as new ramps and widening access can make your outdoor space easier to navigate
  • Landscaping changes such as planting shrubbery and plants that are simple to preserve can reduce the need for gardening, weeding and watering

Bathroom Upgrades for Senior Care

Get your home retirement ready

Aging-in-place bathroom remodeling can help you in retirement by:

  • Installing grab bars
  • Replacing faucet handles
  • Adding space to turn around in
  • Adding a fold-down bench in the shower for safety
  • Adding overhead lighting in the shower
  • Installing grab bars around the toilet and bath to prevent dangerous falls
  • Raising toilets
  • Separate spaces for caregivers

Updated Extras to Make Life at Home Nicer

  • Installation of non-slippery hard floors and replacement of impractical rugs with new carpet of 1.5-inch pile can make wheelchair accessibility simple
  • Minor changes like new levers instead of knobs and easy open windows and blinds, thermostats moved to easier-to-reach places, switches and outlets near doors, and installation of security systems can make aging-in-place independently more convenient

Doors and Ramps for Aging-in-Place

  • Installing non-slip flooring can improve safety
  • Additional lighting, unraised doorways and additional garage space make living at home in retirement easier
  • Wheelchair ramps to exterior doors and in garages can make it easier for aging adults to come and go

Retirement remodeling in Broadmoor, CO often includes additions to make space for domestic help, including the construction of a new apartment or changes to a bedroom. You could also add a new, smaller kitchen and invest in aging-in-place bathroom remodeling.

Contact the aging-in-place renovation experts at Handyman Connection in Broadmoor, CO to learn more and prepare for a safe, rewarding retirement in your own home.