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Storage  /  November 30, 2021

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom shelving

Bathroom Storage Upgrades: Small Bathroom Storage Ideas in Colorado Springs and Nearby Cities

If you have a small bathroom in your home, whether it is one of several or your only bathroom, you are familiar with the issue of storing and keeping your belongings in that cramped space. To make the most of your space, you might look into bathroom storage modifications and tips. Consider how you might tidy that small countertop by giving each thing a home.

Wall Space

Getting stuff out of the way yet keeping everything within reach is a terrific method to declutter. You’ll have plenty of wall space to store goods like stick-on wall organizers, wall mounts, stick-on hooks, and more in your bathroom. Tweezers and nail clippers can be kept on a magnetic strip. Hang your robes, clean your garments, and brush your teeth. Install a second shower rod in the shower to hang your soap and shampoo caddy.


If you have enough space in your bathroom for a counter, clear it of clutter and leave one dish out in the open. You may keep your little daily goods, such as lipstick or floss, neatly organized and easily accessible here.

Installing Solutions

Set ups or installations can help you reinvent your place. Empty space can be utilized without encroaching on your already limited space. To quickly access cleaning materials, install shelving above the toilet, above the door, install a corner cabinet, or install a lazy-Susan in your cabinet.

There are several ways to make your little bathroom storage and area feel larger than it is, including new installations, mirrors, and lighting. Start small and see what you can do to make a difference. Give each object a home and, if at all possible, store items out of sight. With these bathroom storage suggestions, you’ll be able to transform your area and enhance its effectiveness in no time.

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