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Garage  /  June 18, 2021

Garage Storage Tips: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space


Helpful Garage Storage Tips: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space in Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Areas

Bikes can take up a lot of space. From taking room in the walkway, taking up valuable storage space, or becoming a tripping hazard, you will need to find a solution of where to store your bike with these helpful garage storage tips. Save yourself the hassle and get that bike up out of the way.

If you can’t remember what you have stored in your garage currently, it might be time to go out and look to see how you can improve the space. Garages can be a catch-all for items such as pool toys, garden tools, kid’s stuff, bikes, fishing gear, holiday decorations and lights, last years supplies for a graduation party, and more. As you assess, start clearing it out and see what you can keep, donate, or get rid of to cut into some of the clutter.

A key to organization and garage storage is knowing everything you have. Create or install custom shelving with the help of professional craftspeople to give your belongings somewhere to stay out of the way and up off the floor. This will create a clear and easy to use space as you go to and from your car each day. Boxes can be organized and labeled so you know where to find everything when you use it.

Peg boards, shelves, hooks, and more are all ways to use that wall space in your garage. Once you are organized and all set up, it’s time to put the bike somewhere. Our favorite garage storage tips for bikes are to get them up off the ground and out of your way. For example, install and anchor hooks in the wall or ceiling to conveniently hang your bike from.

Your garage storage will be organized and easy to use with these tips. Hang your bike up to save on floorspace and to keep it within easy reach. Custom shelving, hooks, and peg boards will unlock possibilities in your garage. 

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