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Home Improvement  /  May 11, 2021

5 Home Repairs to Make When Selling a Home in the Colorado Springs, CO Area

These Home Repairs Will Help Sell Your Home in Falcon, Fountain, Manitou Springs, and Nearby Cities

If you are planning on selling your home, whether in the near or distance future, there are a few key home improvements and repairs you should make before putting your home on the market. Potential buyers are looking for a home they can imagine themselves living in and do not want to purchase a place that will dig deeper into their budget with home repairs. Increase the value and the quality of your home with these repairs!

5 Home Repairs

  1. Kitchen: The kitchen is a major part of your home and needs to be in working order if you are selling your home. Replace or update any old appliances that stall, have leaks, or are not running well. Energy efficient devices are an attractive option.
  2. Bathroom: An outdated bathroom or one in need of repair is not a good look to buyers. Leaky faucets or over-running toilets need to be fixed. Clean up and put fresh caulk on the shower, bathtub, and bathroom windows.
  3. Doors: Give your home a consistent look. Replacing doors that are warped, drag, or are unmatched will create a nice and convenient appearance.
  4. Windows: Windows are important for a home because of the energy-efficiency or lack thereof. If you have any windows with drafts or cracks, these need to be replaced right away. New windows will increase the value of your home too!
  5. Lighting: Good lighting makes a room. If any lights are outdated, do not have energy-efficient bulbs, or are flickering, buzzing, and more, they will need to be repaired before the home is sold. This is one less thing for your buyer to worry about.

These five tips for homeowners will help you complete important home repairs before your home is put on the market to be sold. If you need help, local craftspeople are always available to schedule an estimate and evaluate your home’s needs and to complete your projects with ease.

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