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Aging in Place  /  February 9, 2021

Custom Shelving and Other Organizing Ideas for Your Garage in Colorado Springs, CO

Discover Organizing Ideas for Your Garage and Custom Shelving in Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Areas

Your family’s garage is a room in the house you use multiple times a day as you come and go. It’s easy to kick off your shoes and walk inside or to step over whatever clutter is in the space without a second thought because you are just passing through, but this is a habit you might want to reconsider. If the clutter has become enough and it’s time for a change, there are many ways you can organize and set up your garage to make it more efficient with custom shelving and installations.

An important rule to follow is to keep everything off the floor of your garage if possible. A cluttered walking space can cause trips, accidents, or injuries. There is also the risk of damaging something if it gets in the way of your vehicle. This will keep your belongings safe as well if you store anything in the garage that is in harm’s way from the snow or rainwater you track in.

Think outside the box! Begin with your big items. Bicycles and tools can be hung on your wall or from the ceiling with installed and anchored hooks. This will get them out of your way, so you have more room to work with.

A pegboard can be installed on a wall to provide you with endless possibilities. Tools from saws, hammers, ropes, hoses, and more can all be hung on the pegboard securely and within easy reach.

Custom shelving or wall-to-wall storage is an ideal way to create a space where everything can go. When considering custom-built storage units, tell your handyman professionals what your needs are, and they can customize the plans to fit. You can have a lower shelf be a mud boot rack, tall cabinets can store garden tools, or shelves can hold bins labeled for the kid’s toys, pool toys, holiday lights, and more.

From the ground up, your garage will be more efficient with these organization tips. Projects such as custom shelving will give you the space you need and the comfort of knowing everything has its own safe and secure place to go.

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