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Carpentry  /  September 30, 2020

What to Know About Home Insulation

Having your home properly insulated and maintaining that home insulation helps keep your energy bills reasonable and everything working as it should. Home insulation that is missing or in need of an update can cause your home to have drafts, moisture build-up, and more. Fix and pinpoint these problems right away with our handymen’s professional tips about what to know about home insulation.

What Does Insulation Do?

Insulation helps your home maintain proper level of heat, cooling, and stops drafts from entering the home. With proper insulation, you will save money in your energy bills and will be more comfortable in your home. Insulation is different throughout the house depending on its location. As heat rises and cold air sinks, there are also places in your home that are unheated or are not directly cooled such as the attic or the crawlspace in your basement. Home insulation is needed to keep your warmed or cooled air in your living spaces and not to escape into these outer parts of your home and beyond.

Different kinds of home insulation are labeled by their “R Values.” An R Value is a direct number on how well a material insulates. Every material from loose-fill, fiberglass blanket insulation, and sprayed polyurethane foam all insulate differently, therefore have different R Values. The higher the R Value, the better the insulator.

If you are looking into insulating a home that has already been constructed or finished, it is important to schedule multiple estimates with different professional companies. Ask questions about how much of your home’s energy can be saved by the insulation they will install. Keep track of your budget and ask how long what you save on your energy bill will pay for the original expense of the update.

When you are ready to begin looking into updating the insulation in your home, keep these pointers and tips in mind. There are many spaces and different rooms in your home that might need different updates. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and focus on the money and comfort that can be saved with the proper insulation.

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