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Decks  /  June 12, 2020

What You Need to Know About Deck Repair and Replacement

If you enjoy the outdoors, one of the greatest additions you can make to your house is adding a deck. Decks provide hours of entertainment for both your family and guests alike. If you have a deck but are not using it, what are you waiting for? Are you in need of a deck repair? How do you know if you need a repair or a replacement? Here’s what you need to know.

Reviewing Your Deck

While walking your deck, if you’ve noticed some areas appear worn, warped, or boards are loose, you’re observing what needs to be repaired. Although those may be simpler fixes, here are some of the top signs it might be time to bring in professional help.

1. Unsteady Railings

Unsteady railings are as dangerous as they are unsightly. An unsteady railing may show signs of broken, wobbling, or rotted wood. This usually impacts the top layer of your deck. If you happen to find an unstable railing, be sure to close off the area and avoid using that section.

2. Rotting Posts

Any sign of wood rot should not be taken lightly. Rotten posts can compromise the entire structure of the deck, opening it up to erosion and breakage. If you spot rotten posts, you should stop using the deck immediately until you can have a professional come and take a look.

3. Damage to the Surface

Decks may become scratched from the use of outdoor furniture, a grill, or just foot traffic. If the surface damage becomes extensive, then it may be time to take a closer look to identify issues at its core. Extensive surface damage includes wood rot, water damage, or even mold. This could cause the wooden deck to weaken and crumble.

4. Cracked or Splintered Boards

Cracked or splintered boards can be repaired by filling in the troubled areas. However, deep cracks are an area of concern. Someone can be injured on deeply cracked or splintered boards. In addition, deep cracks can also weaken the affected area of the deck, and the boards will need to be removed and replaced. 

5. Rusted or Missing Hardware

Missing hardware on your deck could be causing shakiness. If there is missing hardware on the ledger, it should be replaced immediately. Nails, screws, and rusted hardware should also be a part of your routine maintenance checks for current or future deck repairs.

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