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Carpentry  /  May 29, 2020

Is It Time To Replace Your Front Door?

How do you know when to replace your door? It looks ok, right? Or does it. Is your home holding temperatures normally? Here are a few signs it’s time to replace your front door.

Replace Your Front Door If Your Front Hallway is Drafty

Doors can warp due to repeated temperature and humidity changes over time. Because of this, it can result in material contracting and creating gaps between the frame and the door itself. If you have noticed this has happened, it’s time to replace your front door.

Moisture In the Glass

Are your windows gathering moisture between those double-panes in the door? If so, this means that the water seal has been weakened and has allowed rain or humidity into the door. What this means is now mold and wood rot can become a reality over time. You may want to consider replacing the door before the damage spreads to other wood elements around the door and your home.

Major Dents, Scratches, or Dings

Front door dings, scratches, and dents are bound to happen throughout the years. It’s inevitable. But, if the damage is larger and deeper than an inch and succeeds that surface-level, this can leave your door vulnerable to further damage from the elements. Damage from water and wood-eating insects can get to the core of your door much more easily through these holes, so it may be time for a new one if this is the case.

When the Door Sounds or Feels More Hollow

If your door feels as though it has become more hollow — or lighter in weight — it may have fallen prey to termites or other wood-eating insects. Surprisingly, this can happen even if you have a steel door as many have a wooden core.

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