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Fences  /  April 30, 2020

What Type Of Fencing Is Right for My Backyard?

Are you considering installing a fence in your backyard? Before you pick one, you should first learn about what different types of fences provide and what kind is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Types of Fences

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are one of the most popular types of backyard fencing and are known for their style and adaptability. 

Pros of an Aluminum Fence: 

Aluminum fences are incredibly easy to install and are very low maintenance. They come in many colors and are completely rust-resistant which makes them a great choice for backyards with various types of weather.

Cons of an Aluminum Fence: 

Aluminum fences are not as strong as other types of fences. If you are looking for a stronger alternative, consider steel. 

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are very popular as well and have been around for decades. They are known to be very affordable. 

Pros of a Chain Link Fence: 

Chain link fences are much cheaper than wood or vinyl fences and are a great low-cost option, especially if you need to fence a large area. 

Cons of a Chain Link Fence:  

There are a few cons to chain link fences. Chain link fences don’t provide as much privacy as other types of fences, such as a wooden fence. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles and are a great fencing option for your home. 

Pros of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences have a non-porous surface making them easy to clean. Vinyl fences can last decades, making them a sound investment.

Cons of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences can be on the pricier side compared to other types of fences. 

Wood Fences

Wood fences are another very popular type of fence that many people choose to use in their backyard. 

Pros of a Wood Fence:

Wood fences have many pros. They are easy to install and repair and are very versatile because they come in many styles and design options. 

Cons of a Wood Fence:

Wood fences can rot and warp easily due to moisture. A wood fence will need maintenance more often if there’s more humidity present in the area. 

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