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Fences  /  April 24, 2020

Outdoor Home Maintenance Projects

When you take a look around your house what are the outdoor projects that you have been waiting to tackle once the weather turns?  

At Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs, we offer a wide variety of handyman services to assist with your home maintenance projects. If your home’s exterior needs some extra attention, give us a call! Here are some projects you can get started with.

1. Check the Flower Beds

When was the last time you took a look at your flower beds? Clearing out your flower beds once the weather breaks is a nice way to get a fresh start to the season. You can start by pulling weeds and then lay down fresh mulch or rocks! 

2. Check the Deck Stairs and Railings

Make sure to walk the perimeter of your house after colder months to check on any wooden fence posts, stairs, or railings. Colder weather can leave the boards and posts faded, cracked, rotted, or even broken. Call a professional craftsman to assist with extensive repairs. 

3. Power Washing the Driveway

During the harsher months of the year, your drive will get coated with mud, salt, and all kinds of debris that will need to be removed. Consider power washing the driveway to clear it off.

4. Washing the Windows

You should wash both the inside and outside of your windows once the weather starts to warm up. The exterior has taken a beating from the elements and the interior may be susceptible to mold from condensation. 

5. Walk the Lawn

If your lawn experiences a lot of rain or even snow, you’ll want to check and see what areas need attention after it begins to dry out. If you don’t experience much water, your lawn could need attention in high-trafficked areas. From laying grass seed to combating lawn disease, the sooner you start the better.

6. Siding Paint and Repair

Siding colors can fade over time as UV rays from the sun wear away at the pigment within them. Having a handyman paint the exterior of your home can help restore the siding and get the desired look you’re after.

7. Repair Damaged Fencing

Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs offers expert fence repair services. Whether you need to replace or repair fence poles or sections, we can help.

Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs Can Help With Your Home Maintenance Projects

From deck repairs to siding painting, there are a number of exterior home projects that Handyman Connection can help you tackle. 

During this time all of our expert craftsmen are following social distancing protocol and are happy to help accommodate our customers’ requests. Give us a call or text for a free estimate today!

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