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Plumbing  /  March 7, 2020

Best Toilet Upgrade Options for Your Home

Your toilet is one of the most essential items in your home. You may not think about it often, but once it stops working as well as it should, you notice. When the time comes to replace it, what are the best toilet upgrade options? 

What are some of the things you should be thinking about before purchasing a new toilet? Have you considered how many people you have in your home, and how much water it should hold? Here are some toilet upgrade options to consider.

Toilet Upgrade Tips for Your Home

Two-Piece and One-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets are standard and are typically pre-installed in every home. These tend to be more affordable than some other options and are easy to fix over time with the help of professional home plumbing services.

Where two-piece toilets are standard, one-piece toilets are an upgrade. A one-piece toilet upgrade would give you provide you with a sleeker look, a space in smaller bathrooms, and are easier to clean. However, they can be more expensive. 

There are many styles to consider, but they might be more expensive or lavish. The type of toilet you choose depends heavily on what you hope to get out of your bathroom. Functionality over style will always win out.

Types of Flushing Systems

If you’re looking to upgrade your toilet, it might not be purely for aesthetic purposes. When you upgrade your toilet, you can look into different flushing systems.

Single-flush toilets are standard, easy to repair, and cost less to install. Dual-flush toilets have separate flushes for solid and liquid waste. These require less water to flush and minimal cleaning overall. Other options are pressure-assist toilets that clog less and are good for multiple people, as well as power-assist toilets that are perfect for bathrooms installed in basements. 

Need a Toilet Installed?

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