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Maintenance & Installations  /  November 27, 2019

Home Winterizing 101: A Checklist

Colorado Springs is no stranger to snow. If you’ve lived here for some time, then you’re used to the routine of preparing for snow and cold temperatures. Is there more that you could be doing to prepare though? 

A professional craftsman can go through your home with you and help you prepare for the upcoming cold months. In general though, here are some of the things they keep in mind as they’re going through your home. 

  1. Cracks around your windows and doors. 
    Cracks around windows and doors can let in cold air and drive up your heating bill. Generally, you’d want a craftsman to caulk and seal these so you can keep your home insulated. 
  2. Gutters and downspouts 
    Gutters should be cleaned out and there shouldn’t be anything around the downspouts. These can easily get clogged up with water as snow melts and freezes again, causing serious damage to your home.  
  3. Pipe insulation 
    Your pipes can and will freeze during the winter if they’re not properly insulated. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re adding additional layers to pipes, especially in the basement, attic or areas that don’t get a lot of heat. 
  4. Potential leaks
    Potential leaks should be dealt with before the cold weather hits. These can be in your home or outside of it. In general, anything with water or gas running through it should be checked and dealt with.
  5. Staking areas of your yard/driveway. 
    This might seem kind of silly, but when that snow piles up you might forget where important things are in your yard. You don’t want to accidentally tear up part of your garden or yard as you’re shoveling your driveway, for example. 

What you do to help prepare your home will vary depending on your own personal needs. Sometimes rooms need extra insulation or drafts that need to be dealt with. Fill out a form or call (719) 884-2639 to schedule an estimate.

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