When you need professional drywall services in Bridgeton, MO, then look to Handyman Connection of Chesterfield. The creation of drywall has totally fashioned the way inner walls are created. Whether you are building a new space in your home or just doing some renovations to an existing area, drywall installation can be a cost-effective and attractive option. At Handyman Connection of Chesterfield, our experts know the proper length of screws, how to offset panels so your seams meet evenly, and we pay attention to wiring and pipes to avoid further problems. When we’re on the job, you’ll get an attractive, quality finish with our professional drywall and paint services.

Facts about Drywall

Drywall is formed from supple, thin gypsum panels that are known for easy setup and affordability. Drywall is very common in residential spaces. This useful material is fire and sound resistant, durable, light, affordable and easy to paint.

Handyman Connection of Chesterfield’s Drywall Repair Services

Maybe your damage was the unsightly consequence of a home improvement project gone wrong or you accidentally clipped the wall while moving furniture. Accidents like this happen all the time and can create unsightly holes in your drywall. To get these problems fixed quickly and safely, you can always count on Handyman Connection. Drywall repair may not be very complex, but there is still a tested procedure that will ensure the best results. We can offer the best service to our clients by adhering to this procedure for all of our drywall repairs.

It doesn’t matter if you need a few punctures repaired or want to build a new room, drywall can be the right choice for any property. At Handyman Connection of Chesterfield, our drywall services are ideal for the following:

  • Holes in walls
  • Water damage fixes
  • Deep scratches on walls or ceiling
  • End of tenancy repairs
  • Damage from previous tenants

Along with our professional drywall and paint services, Handyman Connection can also provide:

  • Touch up painting
  • Smoothing existing walls and ceilings
  • Plastering
  • Baseboard installation
  • Baseboard Painting

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Need drywall installation or maintenance in Bridgeton, MO? We specialize in residential drywall installation and repairs. From flawlessly installing the panels to repairing holes or dents, we are the team you should call for all your drywall needs.