How Do You Make Your Home Pet-Friendly?

Having pets means more maintenance to keep your home in good condition. Some homeowners think that because of this, their interior design may suffer. That doesn’t have to be the case. These home design ideas are perfect for making your home pet-friendly and stylish at the same time.

Durable and Slip-Proof Flooring

Avoid white decor in any form when you have pets because they’re prone to pet stains. That is why dark-colored flooring is more advisable. They’re easy to maintain and adds a fun interior element in your home. You can also choose removable carpet tiles for easy cleaning and replacement.

A Comfortable and Well-Maintained Entrance for Your Pets

Homeowners have mixed opinions about dog doors. A small opening at the bottom of your door may raise safety concerns, after all. Still, you can paint your door and walls with a color that doesn’t fade easily when cleaned multiple times. This makes wall stains simple to clean since pets may bring dirt and grime into the home.

An Ultimate Playzone

Your pets having their own space for both rest and play means the less time they spend running around indoors, tracking dirt everywhere, and even endangering fragile items around the home. Just like us, they get attached to rest in certain spaces in a home, so it’s better to reserve a small area they can treat as their very own bedroom. Pets aren’t picky as humans, though; in fact, a simple cardboard box suffices for most felines!

Mini Stairs for a Nice Boost

If you sleep in bed with your furry pals beside you, mini stairs could help them get on the bed quicker and easier, especially as they grow old. You can also use mini stairs to help them get a good view out your windows.

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