The Essential Moving In Checklist

Moving into a new home can be a stressful time. With careful planning and execution, however, you can eliminate the stress and make the move as smooth and enjoyable as can be. Here’s a look at the top things you need to remember when moving in.

Make a Prioritized List

Write down every action item you or your family might think of doing. After 24 hours, rank each item with a 1, 2, or 3 according to priority. First priority goes to safety concerns, cleaning and unpacking essentials. Priority two should be tasks related to organization, maintenance and unpacking anything left. Priority three is what you’d like to complete within the year. These include renovations, landscaping and large purchases.

Change the Locks

As soon as you get the keys to your house, be sure to change the locks. Install new lock sets or have a locksmith switch them out. Ensure only you and your family have access. For some peace of mind and to make the house truly yours, get new locks installed immediately.

Get the House Cleaned Up

Some folks will leave the house clean for you, some won’t. Regardless, you’ll want to clean everything for yourself. Set up an area with everything you’ll need to get the job done. Cleaning everything will make you feel better about the house. If you can’t do it yourself, let Handyman Connection of Chattanooga do a professional job for you.

Get Some Closet Organizers

Check where you’ll store what and get the closets outfitted to accommodate everything. This will make moving less stressful, and your life in the new house more enjoyable. Don’t limit yourself to the closets. Consider where to put everything, from laundry detergent to winter boots. A well-placed extra shelf, coat hook, etc. will definitely make the house that much easier to live in.

Count on Handyman Connection of Chattanooga for your general home maintenance needs. We can do all work necessary to prepare your new home before you move in. Call (423) 709-8005 for free consultations and estimates.

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